Activities in and around Hornbill Resort

50The resort presents a terrific environment packaged with complete tranquility and peace that you will be engrossed in it for eternity. And you would to savor it for ever. Apart from the serene surrounding and the Kali river, there are many more activities to give you that rush of adrenaline, get close to nature and wildlife, or just plain fun and enjoy.

You can go for sports activities like white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing or outdoor camping. Or you can spend time close with nature with safaris, bird watching, the natural Jacuzzi, and nature walks.

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Bird Watching

Bird WatchingHornbills, Chestnut headed bee eaters, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Darters. Hear them sing, take their family photograph, applaud their aerobatic skills. You can find the rarest birds like Grey headed Fish eagle, Srilanka Frogmouth, Malabar trogon and many more.


SafariIn open jeep into the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary accompanied by well-trained naturalists are the best way to view wildlife here. It is home to big cats such as Tigers, Leopards, Black Panthers, Elephants, Gaur, Deers, Antelopes and many kinds of reptiles and rich variety of birds.

Adventure Treks

Adventure TrekAn adventure trekking into the dense forest with expert guides. You can follow trails, which lead all the way up to the peaks of nearby hills. The views from atop the hill are astounding with the panoramic view of backwaters of Supa Dam, misty mountains and greenery spread out for miles on the end.

Natural Jacuzzi

22Nowhere else you will find water so playful, so pure, so pacifying. Crystal clear waters cascade down the rapids of Kali River gurgling, whispering, laughing and cleansing everything in their way. Watch them wake serene rivers with a magnificent splash.

White Water Rafting

49-1For a surge of adrenalin to gush through every vein and surge over every muscle. You can race over the rapids in an inflatable rubber dingy. White Water Rafting is available on the river Kali at Dandeli. Non swimmers and novices can also experience this on some of the gentler rapids. Try once and you get addicted.

Evening Boating

rEvening Ride in a boat down the river Kali is memorable. The leisurely ride of the boat allows you to watch hornbills returning to nest in tall trees on river banks, observe darters drying their plumes on deadwood entrenched in the river and admire egrets flying against an orange sky.

Special Activities on Request


There are many more other fun and special activities that can be arranged on request. Some of the activities:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Rappelling
  • Fishing
  • Overnight Camping
  • Nature Walks
  • Outdoor Camping